A New Normal

It’s been a strange time, fraught with unexpected change and challenge. As we reflected on the month of March, we were inspired by some of the lessons that we learned and practiced. And, it gave us an opportunity to channel our creative energy and mounting ennui.

Practice humanity

In the words of Andrew Cuomo, practice humanity. Be generous to others. Call your parents and siblings. Hold the people that you love a bit tighter, even if you can’t touch. This is the moment for care and kindness.

Live in the moment

Be in the now. Fight the forces that might drag you into the past or the future. Listen to the people that surround you and be there from them. They’ll return the favor, and we’ll get through this together, united by common cause.

Stay optimistic

It is a moment of hardship, born from circumstances outside of our control, but it’s not the first challenge that we’ve faced. Find joy in the world and share it. Keep the dark at bay. The light will always shine.

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