• Drive the research and discovery phase of Grammar’s work—defining paths of inquiry, interviewing customers and stakeholders, and researching hypotheses
  • Identify and articulate the truths that will drive the client’s purpose, brand strategy, and brand positioning
  • Explore and define the principles that will shape how the client’s brand shows up in the world
  • Craft the story, content, and language that will activate the client’s brand in the living world
  • Help facilitate working sessions with clients to arrive at actionable outcomes, and synthesize learnings and takeaways
  • Contribute to and lead internal brainstorms on naming, cultural references, and copy

And, you show up with all of the skills and knowledge that we would expect within a well-rounded person—including solid communication skills, a strong grasp of the written word, and time and project management scruples.


Grammar strategists have experience across a range of industries and roles. More than a specific profile, we are looking for candidates with proven capabilities and demonstrated passion for the work.


  • You are driven to do excellent creative work. You believe in iteration and experimentation as an input to great outcomes.
  • You are deeply passionate about brands and businesses—the enduringly great, the newly emerging, and the ones in flux.
  • You’re a fiend for culture. You’re aware of the forces shaping our world and have a demonstrated interest in them.
  • You are a storyteller. You are driven to write and shape narratives that will define consumer and business behavior. You’re a lover of language.
  • You’re a skilled communicator. You can clearly and powerfully articulate ideas and work with others to extract and distill theirs.
  • You are a doer and self-starter. You’re passionate about bringing great ideas to life, not endless pontificating.
  • You’re humble and open minded and derive fulfillment in working closely with others.

Our Approach

Grammar is an intimate brand strategy, design, and experience studio. Internally, we are collaborative, building upon and accelerating the work of individuals and teams. We prize people who love to receive and give constructive feedback, elevating great work.

Application Process

Applicants will be considered after we receive an email of introduction and resume, along with any relevant work samples. If you are a potential candidate, we will contact you directly regarding the next steps.

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